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The loss of FLOSS

by krzysiu

2016-03-11 17:53:34

I dont aim to be winner. I just wanted to share the minimalistic and symbolic design that express my and probably others feelings. The loss of Bassel is the loss of free license/open source content society. Faded out letters in FLOSS symbolize the missing piece in our society and the solidarity with Bassel. These missing letters are found in Bassels name. In FLOSS society many, many people comes in and goes out. What makes Bassel special? He didnt lost his interest, he was forced to leave. He was a great contributor. One of many contributors, you may say and yes, youll be right. But thats the big machine with many gears. The loss of even one gear is always very bad for machine. But the tragedy is much worse - somebody wants to destroy our gears - us. Not only us, FLOSS society, but us, people.

Tags: WhereIsBassel, floss, software, solidarity,

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