hot air balloon - (Work In Progress)

this image is a work in progress, please do not rate yet... comments are welcome. Im experimenting with developing an image and showing my process at the same time by uploading incremental images...

I am using InkScape to edit my svg's

Third Increment
i scrapped the shading of the prevoious step, and tried to bevel the edges of a section of the balloon. The only way i could think of doing this is by putting incrementally lower opacity lines parrell to the join. PLEASE HELP! is there any way of setting a gradient to a path in inkscape??

Second Increment
Changed the colours of the segements and started shading them

First Increment
Here i simply outlined the sections of the ballon.

Initial Image:
I got this image from the StockExchange.

any suggestions/comments/ideas would be appriciated...


P.S, i will move this how i did it to the how i did it section when im fully finished...
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obi, 2006-10-02

'bout your gradient problem, I'm afraid there's no better solution. From SVG 1.1 spec: SVG provides for two types of gradients, linear gradients and radial gradients. But may be in the future SVG 2.0 … (From SVG 2.0 Requirements: # SVG may include more types of gradient elements. Potential gradient elements include conical, rectangular, Gouraud shading, triangle mesh, Coons patch and shaped fill (with gradient offsets determined by the distance from the edge of the shape). [SVG 2.0]

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