Regions of Slovakia in Color

Regions of Slovakia, coded by colors: red=Bratislava Region, blue=Trnava Region, brown=Trenčín Region, orange=Nitra Region, green=Žilina Region, yellow=Banská Bystrica Region, aqua=Prešov Region, and purple=Košice Region.

That’s what the regions of Slovakia are now. Though I’m old enough to say, take a good look. You wouldn’t believe how many times they have changed it during my 66 years of this life (perhaps because the more regions you have, the more politicians can be appointed to kings or whatever it is the regional dukes are called). But at least right now (April 2016) according to this is how the regions are.

And in Slovak: červená=bratislavský kraj, modrá=trnavský kraj, hnedá=trenčiansky kraj, oranžová=nitriansky kraj, zelená=žilinský kraj, žltá=banskobystrický kraj, belasá=prešovský kraj, a fialová=košický kraj.
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