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Maneki Neko on Black

by j4p4n

2016-05-16 16:25:39

So my main COMPUTER IS STILL DEAD. That hurts for a somewhat creative individual like myself. I want to create and share. I decided to run the only app my phone will run that can make and export SVG to my liking. (The app is imaengine if you are curious.) So I have started a series of abstract "art" sort of clipart. I call this series "Life in Japan". Most of it is less than concrete (though I dipped into realism sometimes) and I suppose it is a bit weird, looking at Japan through this lens. But it's a bit of a creative outflow for me. Hope to be back to posting my old style soon too. A lucky-cat (Maneki neko) on a black background...

Tags: Japan, Maneki, black, cat, culture, lucky, neko,

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