Emblem of Slovakia

Taken from the Flag of Slovakia, by Svornik (see https://openclipart.org/detail/142099/slovakia) and modified to make the white stroke surrounding it visible even on a white background by changing it from pure white to 97% white. On the other hand, I changed the color of the Cyrillo-Methodian cross to 99% white to make it stand out from the red and blue surrounding it.

Our perception of color is relative. We should never use 100% of any color when designing graphics of flags and symbols (actually, we should probably never use it in clip art at all). We don’t know how our graphic is going to be displayed. We do know that if, as is often the case, it is displayed on a 100% white background, anything we made 100% white in our graphic becomes invisible in the mind of the viewer. This is particularly unfortunate when the white color is at the edge of the design (as it often is with national flags).
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