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Pražský orloj r. 1743 - Prague Astronomy Clock in 1743

by AdamStanislav

2016-06-03 00:00:41

A postcard from 1743 Prague, see http://www.orloj.eu/img/pohlednice/f/1743.jpg for the source. Depicts the orloj, i.e., the horologium, the third oldest clock ever built, and the oldest one that has survived till our own day. Of course, it is more than a clock, as every hour at the hour it has a show of wooden statues/puppets parading in front of the clock and more. If you ever visit Prague, don’t miss the show! :-)

Tags: 1743, Astronomy, Clock, Prague, Praha, engraving, horologium Pragense, orloj, parade, pochod, pohlednice, pohľadnica, pražský, rytina,

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