screen mockup

Just a few rectangles to adjust webpage layout on a 1366 px / 768 px screen. With blogspot's awesome inc. template set to 1340 px wide.

Useful area is 1276 px / 667 px in its fullness -needs to scroll down for larger content-. If you want to capture the date of a post on screen as well then all you have is a 1276 px / 586 px area.

Divided by the golden ratio the width would be 789 pixels. For practical reasons rounding that to 800 px.
Light grey area depicts a 800 px / 600 px area, common for 4:3 video formats.
White area shows rectangle close to the golden ratio in width/height -for easy calculating that is 800 px / 500 px.

The right side is 476 px wide.
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