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Capital A Rainbow Flag

by Lazur URH

2016-08-01 14:46:08

Since it is me who "don't get it", let's see what it takes to fully understand it.Following all the recent comments this time. "Both original cliparts are public domain -as is, do as you please." "Some find this remix helpful." "Wasn't mean to harm anyone, all there is good intentions.""It's just a rainbow, it doesn't have to be associated with any movement.""Not that either of the originals represents anything bad.""If you don't get it, you are homophobic.""If you find this offending, you might as well think Santa Claus is real."Hope I didn't left out anything.

Tags: calligraphy, capital letter, caps, double standard experiment, flag, font, handwriting, human rights, letter A, rainbow, remix+245525, remix+256580, type, typography,

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