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Library - Bibliothèque - extra contrast - book titles converted to paths

by The Martin

2016-12-14 19:34:18

Library with Books (some titles are fun) - Bibliothèque avec des livres (quelques titres sont drôles) In this remix the texts on the book-spines are no longer texts but rather have been converted to paths: advantage: When you import this into tools like Scribus (and maybe zoom it) the book titles stay on the books and do not go floating about pity: In this version you can not easily edit the book titles to make your own jokes and puns - use the original if you want to do things like that Some people (for example in Africa) are still printing certain documents on b/w laser printers. This document has been remixed with the sole purpose of enhancing the contrast for grayscale output. Some texts were also a little better aligned with the slants of the books. And that is all I have to say about that.

Tags: remix 268463, remix 171438, bibliothèque, book, books, Buchregal, Bücher, Homeschool, Lesefutter, library, Library Books, livre, livres, Nerd Party !, School, shelf, shelves, Étagère, Étagères

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