The GʊGʊ-team is saying thank you to Openclipart

Update: We have been broadcasting a weekly proverb for more than three years now, free of charge via WhatsApp; we have 900+ subscribers. Most of those are illustrated from this website.

We just launched a website, dedicated to local African proverbs - with translations into French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Netherlands. We also give the meanings and illustrations - and audio recordings, to help with literacy.

99% of the illustrations come from Openclipart so we say a very big thank you all with this upload.

On our website we also made one page entirely for giving credit and thanks to Openclipart:

From that page, you can click around and see what we are doing. Enjoy!

If you want to see our team, just go into the menu and look for a page called "Équipe et remerciements" (team and thanks), there should be our team-photo at the bottom.
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