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16 segment display - letters

by Firkin

2017-04-06 08:56:04

For anyone wanting to download these letters all together (the letters have been posted separately).

Tags: 16 segment, 16-segment, capital, display, LCD, LED, letter, remix+277179, remix+277180, remix+277181, remix+277182, remix+277183, remix+277184, remix+277185, remix+277186, remix+277187, remix+277188, remix+277189, remix+277190, remix+277191, remix+277192, remix+277193, remix+277194, remix+277195, remix+277196, remix+277197, remix+277198, remix+277199, remix+277200, remix+277201, remix+277202, remix+277203, remix+277204, segment, Stockpile!, typography

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