A child who dies from hunger is a murdered child

by KCJV - uploaded on July 12, 2017, 9:36 pm

Jean Ziegler is a Swiss-born sociologist and the vice-president of the Advisory Committee to the UN Human Rights Council. He is mostly known for this quote: “A child who dies from hunger is a murdered child”.

This is yet another proof that the capitalist system is flawed: according to Action Against Hunger, the world food production is sufficient to feed 10 to 12 billion people; thus, there is no reason why there should still be thousands people who die from hunger every day.

According to Ziegler's book “Hatred of the West”, the mortality rate due to poverty and capitalism-related causes, is around fifty-nine million (59 million) per year: that means that every year, we're losing more than the current population of Tanzania.

There is no solution for that within the capitalist system; the only solution to this grave evils is to implement a system, where each gives according to their abilities, and receives according to their needs, which capitalists should admit, is exactly what communism is about.

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