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1678 engraving by Joannes Johnstonus, from : The Manticore, or Martigora was described by Pliny and Aristotle as a creature with the face and ears of a human, with grey eyes and a red body; a tail with a sting like that of a scorpion, and being the size of a lion, and with a lion’s paws, a triple row of teeth and an appetite for human flesh.

Quoth : In Greco-Persian mythology, the manticore is a monster with the body of a lion and the face of a human with sharp teeth. She has a scorpion tail that can shoot poisonous darts. Her poison is not deadly, but causes extreme pain. The gods of Olympus expelled her from Greece for her crimes.

1678 engraving Joannes Johnstonus mantichora manticore mardyakhor martichora Non-Human Beings μαρτιχώρα
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