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by Lazur - uploaded on December 31, 2017, 2:30 pm

There is going on some grave-digging currently after an user here at openclipart decided to press the (non-existent) "self-destruct button".

It was running under the name "Only Wine", profile available here:

Uploading cliparts at openclipart means releasing them into the public domain. Although those who share them may have author rights, but no more in position to remove the material from the public domain.

Now that the original author is gone, his works are floating in the twilight zone:

they are public domain, yet the only proof for that is their original release to public domain.

Here is the interesting part: if you happen to have a saved copy of a clipart from openclipart, can you share it again here, claiming it as public domain as it once was?

Releasing them as your original product won't work as the original author still has his inalienable author rights-or has he? (Definition of public domain is different in different countries and can vary in relation to author rights). If he has you'll have to attribute the work to the original author. Maybe with proof&date of releasing?

Either way this image is based on one of the user's in question work.

Which was drawn using LambrettistA font (Copyrighted by The Chank Company; single license of lambrettista ~US$ 99 (in 2017)), rest being a red rectangle -none of which wouldn't be generic enough to claim original authorship by "Only Wine".

So this wine extract is good to go legally.

May it serve as a thumbnail for this digging quest.

Bottom line? Unwritten rules, comradery?

With some "reanimated"-restored cliparts uploaded here already, guess it's safe to assume the community (at least the small of openclipart users) isn't bothered by such "injustice".


Let's drink, too much sober philosophizing.

BUT also handle with care!


"Only Wine kept mixing in copyright violations and several of us openclipart librarians marked some of the uploads for deletion. Last I heard that user threatened to delete their account if anymore images were deleted or something, but some were clearly copyright violations (one was even a stolen logo, but to be fair some seemed 100% original) so if they are gone now maybe they were offended by some of their uploads being deleted?"

Therefore if you happen to have a copy of the deleted uploads somewhere, check if it's not a ripoff of a copyrighted image.

By the way, Happy New Year 2018!

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