tea bag in cactus cowboy bold stroke icon style

This is a forgery of the new style as created recently by cactus cowboy, no to insult or to get rich, but to study his style and to learn more about why the master is having such im impact. I recognize that this is not yet a good forgery, so I invite everyone interested to remix and make it more "cactus cowboy". I hope he will not mind. Greetings. Greatest honour would be for him, to make a "real" teabag. Or a tea tray with mug and a bisquit or whatever would make it more genuine.

This remix is about line-width. When I saw my forgery on the website, next to some of the real icons from cactus cowboy, I noticed that I need to be even bolder. So here is my second and last attempt. Over to the public... This second remix is about some shadow on the main bag, which I had overlooked. Will delete the base, so as not to spam this site.
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