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the missing link

by Lazur URH

2018-12-21 21:40:17

A geometric knot perfectly suited to provide a base template for designing a font. ISO 3098-5, CBV. http://www.inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=34285

Tags: 2018, avatars, CAD, chain, challenge, challenges, character, collection thumbnails, design sources, drafting, font, fontforge, font forging, fontlibrary, geometric art, glypth, ISO, ISO 3098, ISO3098, ISO 3098-5, knot, Lazur, loop, openfontlibrary, opentype, overlapping beauties, render, rendering, technical drawing material, templates, test images, trick, typography, URH, z-order trick, z-ordrer

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