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by openclipart - uploaded on August 5, 2020, 3:57 pm

This is a photo that @rejon converted to a plate-type image. The photo was found doing a "public domain" search on twitter and found user "Fleur de Lys" who posted a public domain photo. This is the original:


As with most things at Openclipart, we try to keep it simple. On this clipart, please make comments of links to found clipart sources. The goal is to gather sources and then we can track how many images are at the source, and use this as inspiration for other artists to create and improve the original public domain images.

Once a source has been converted to Openclipart, then we can mark it as CONVERTED. Some sources such as Twitter, Wikipedia USPTO, will replenish so they are great places to get source material and convert here. A note on Wikipedia is that we can find ways to link images with Wikidata to strengthen the connection between Openclipart and Wikipedia. That is cool! More people can find your work.

Have fun! And, the point of this is to push our system further, so that we add features to make Openclipart better for us all :)

- Openclipart

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