I work in a storage, so I need sometimes pictograms to declare goods. To looking for free pictograms in the internet, was the time where I stumbled upon openclipart and inkscape. I know it is easy to draw but maybe more usefull then dogs and pics of cars. ;) The pictograms on every brand look different but similiar. So i draw some importants and tryed to make it in little ways different. (copyright??) Every pictogram show the "dont wet" theme with an umbrella. I tryed to say the same with a roof and package. I hope you have some more ideas. Dont rate pictogram except u want rate the idea. ;-)
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Stellaris, 2007-04-04

It looks cute, but the SVG file seems to be way too big for such a graphic.

freedo, 2007-04-04

Adobe Illustrator's SVG export produces huge files. As plain SVG, it's about 4.7k, that's 100 times smaller...

zeimusu, 2007-04-04

You have to figure out how not to save the preview image. See the "remix" that I did with inkscape.

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