निर्वाण (Nirvāṇa)

by AdamStanislav - uploaded on March 27, 2021, 8:15 pm

निर्वाण (Nirvāṇa), not to be confused with a musical group of a slightly similar name, marks the extinction of the flame, i.e. the end of the cycle of rebirth in Saṃsāra.

Here spelled in Devanāgarī.

This is a corrected version, as my software failed to swap the letters to proper order and I only noticed it after uploading the old version (shame on you, Affinity Designer).

That is because the Devanagari script uses a different order of letters from the Roman alphabet. In this case, to print ni (there are no capital letters in Devanagari) it draws the i (ि) before and above the n (न), giving नि. And to print rva it first draws the v (व), then the long ā (ा), then kinda draws the r (र +्), just as a little hook over the ā, giving र्वा. And, of course, the is not the same as the n.

Under Windows, this is normally handled automatically by the system, but clearly Affinity Designer thinks it can do a better job. :(

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