Automated Missile Defense MMXXI

by | - uploaded on May 17, 2021, 2:15 am

A commentary on automated missile defense systems and other non-lethal autonomous weapon systems and anti-drone technologies in the twenty-first century. For re-use purposes: I converted the fist from Guitar Fist - Music for the Struggle ( and the boot into SVG path markers ( so that they can be used in a manner similar to arrowheads in Inkscape's "Stroke Style" dialog.

monochrome flying fist boot jackboot stomp resistance partisan guerilla rebel struggle subjugation occupation oppression fight war guerra weapon rocket rocket+artillery missile munition contrail exhaust cloud smoke attack defense defence launcher military armament ordnance interdiction area+denial shootdown anti-missile anti+missile antimissile anti-drone anti+drone antidrone national+security+state military+industrial+complex SVG+marker remix+318058 remix+330838 poster
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