Seasons 3

Winter season sign.
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nicubunu, 2007-07-18

Welcome to the library, Darth_Gimp! And what a nice first submission you have, the metal effect is very cool. BTW, our infrastructure is far from perfect, we don't have yet automatic thumbnails generation, so it would be better to upload a PNG also.

ryanlerch, 2007-07-19

awesome image! well deserved "Clip art of the week!" i really love the shading that you have done also. so nice!

pipo, 2007-07-19

A masterpiece, very realistic ! good job Darth_Gimp !

metalmarious, 2007-08-28

0_0 you gave it a really nice 3D effect with the lighting, I am trying to get the same effects on my stuff nice job

Tempi, 2007-12-01

I love this image, it looks exactly like MY real phone, only better!

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