Pile of Coins

A small pile of hypothetical silver coins, drawn in Inkscape.
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misetusame, 2010-05-26

Nice, you have a lot of details in there. What kind of method did you use in Inkscape to get the sideways perspective on the text?

J_Alves, 2010-05-27

Thanks, guys. Misetusame, I used the same method for the text as I use for any other object -- it might be that I first converted the text to paths, but I can't remember. But anyway, I changed the perspective (well, technically it was actually slant) of the whole coin all together, and not different elements separately. I first drew one coin as a perfect circle (http://www.openclipart.org/detail/39661), and then I grouped all the parts and made several copies. To apply the slant, select the an object (or a whole group). Eight double arrows appear. Four of them, the diagonal ones, are for resizing. The horizontal and vertical ones do the slanting. Combining slanting and resizing is how I get my perspective done, usually.

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