pies and cake

two pies and a cake
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PeterM, 2006-10-13

I find it difficult to rate a scan. The image looks great. But it is hard to see what you, for instance, had to do to make it look this way. Like retouching.

TheresaKnott, 2006-10-13

I also rate according to the usefulness of the clipart but also as a reward for the skill that went into it. I rate the cliparts as finshed items. I don't think of them as starting points for some fiddling about to get them perfect. My personal system goes like this: 3 = A perfectly fine piece of clipart, although not one that I myself would likely use in a presentation. 4 = A piece of clipart that I would be happy to use myself, as is, in a presentation. 5 = A superior work. Something that I admire, Something that I could learn from. They do not need to be complicated. In fact I often like very simple clipart. But they do need to look stylish. It's very subjective, I know. 2 = If work looks amaturish to my eyes, I rate it as a 2. 1= I rate clipart that I feel needs to be removed altogether as 1. There would have to be something seriously wrong with it for me to do that. I've only ever done it once, but spam messages, broken stuff, abusive stuff that sort of thing. I think having a guide to work to helps me stay consistant.

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