THIS IS ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY APOGEE. To invoke the idea of an award, but not to specifically depict one. From the DF-celebrations.ttf I took sub-elements from various characters and created my own new thing that hopefully conveys the idea or spirit of an award.
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apogee, 2010-07-17

This is not a remix of (please sever the link - thanks.)

chovynz, 2011-05-10

You are correct that this is a remix problem. We are aware of it and are working to make some tools to be able to do exactly what you have asked for. Please be patient as we work out the bugs. :-) Thanks for alerting us to this. I've tagged it with "remix_problem" so that we can more easily find it in the future when we can fix these bugs. <br><br>Cheers, Chovynz.

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