NPS map pictographs part 3

Third set of 4 sets of map pictographs for U.S. national park maps. PD US Government - National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior

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papapishu, 2009-03-17

Please read the <a href=""> Guidelines </a>. <br><br> Any text in clipart should be converted to paths (Ctrl+Shift+C in Inkscape). The image should be cropped very tightly. It seems this image has exactly A4 size; if it is made for easy printing and *should* stay this way, please say so in the description. <br><br> Also, if I were you, (it is my personal opinion and not any official guideline) I wouldn't upload it as a "clipart", but as an "example". In "Examples" section we have images that show how cliparts can be used: in cookbooks, coloring books etc. I think that wedding invitation would perfectly fit there; on the other hand, you could upload the floral motif from this invitation as a separate clipart.

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