PDF Download Support Added to All Clipart Detail Pages

Try it out now, just click the PDF button: openclipart.org/detail/185425/wl-850-filing-label-template-by-worldlabel-185425
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j4p4n, 2013-10-25

Why? I guess support of various file formats is useful, but aren't we gonna just end up confusing the end user?

pianoBrad, 2013-10-25

The description is confusing in this case because the clipart is a picture of the pdf button & not the actual pdf button. You get an svg if you click directly on a clipart on it's detail page, but just below that is an actual pdf button that does generate a pdf file when clicked.

rejon, 2013-10-25

SVG is the backend storage, but PDF allows more people to use our clipart.

rejon, 2013-10-25

Heya, we need another mac user to try it out and report back in. Brad?

pianoBrad, 2013-10-25

It works fine for me on macs in all browsers. On ipad, it opens in new tab and has .svg extension. On android tablet, it downloads a file but then says 'unable to read file'. So desktop appears to be fine but issues on mobile devices.

j4p4n, 2013-10-26

rejon, reporting back in, i only get the error if i click the button on this page.. thats why I tried to hide my comment after making it..

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