Beat this month, 2 days to 50k!

About 2000 more images we need to get to 50,000 high quality cliparts. In support of this we now have single and multipage PDF sharing support via If you need help, comment on this clip art submission :)
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Magnesus, 2013-10-30

But using autotracing to spam the openclipart is not a good way to beat the 50k. :( I hate all those vectorised shit that gets on openclipart recently. Also the love feature makes the front page much worse - there used to be really nice top lists there with nice images, now we have ugly things only.

Magirly, 2013-10-30

I agree a simple push to 'more' is not good, and there has been some junk. Let's just delete some of that, in a reasonable way. I wouldn't go as far as saying all vectorized images are bad, but I do appreciate that it's difficult for a diverse group of people to build and manage a joint resource. Thanks for your feedback!

rejon, 2013-10-30

Yeah, I agree to push for more is not good. Better to push for quality and artists becoming more fulfilled. With that being said, please bear with one more day as this 50K needs to be met, then we can fall back from this type of big bulk clipart goal moving forward.

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