Openclipart hits 50K!

That's 50,000 cliparts made by the Openclipart community. We learned a lot in this process about making clip art and what is valuable. Moving forward we will focus on our artists and making a quality collection. 50,000 cheerz!
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j4p4n, 2013-11-02

Congrats guys on hitting the 50k mark... buuuut I'm a little worried about the 'signal to noise' ratio... I think some people are randomly uploading vectorized images that have little clipart value (blank or small blurry text and nothing else)... too much noise destroys a community....

rejon, 2013-11-02

Hear you loud and clear! The 50k was set, it needed to be met, it was met and we all learned a lot! j4p4n could I make you a librarian? This way you can help police the quality. Now that we hit 50k, I'm personally going back through and removing ones that are totally noisy and/or that leaked through. Its good that we try new things all the time, butt you are totally right that we don't want the noise to overtake the signal.

j4p4n, 2013-11-04

rejon, if you see this, sure I could be a librarian and help out a little to make the quality stays up :)

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