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by worker - uploaded on February 1, 2014, 4:59 am

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikd1uCuJUUY Those who do not move do not feel their chains But the African people are aware of the pain Aware of the game, invader deception Black presidents who are White Man extensions People from Cape to Cairo rebel Cos fake independence and ongoing hell Colonial ties still keep ‘em chained The richest continent’s getting robbed again The IMF and World Bank criminal schemes What about reparations? To me it seems That every metropole from Amsterdam To Paris and Brussels was built with the hands Of African labour, a slave relation Developing Europe at the expense of their nation But Africans rebelled from the first conquest Took back independence at last accomplished [Nana D chorus] You’d better get your hands off… AFRICA! You’d better get your hands off… AFRICA! [Marcel verse 2] Look at Africom, the African Command That’s the US and her puppets shaking each others’ hands They went in for Libya, going for Uganda When will we learn we can’t be sleeping any longer? Still salivating over claiming Zimbabwe The worst man alive to them is Robert Mugabe But land should belong to the African masses Not a small group of white settler bastards My fellow Europeans wanna whine and groan About losing what we stole, that is not our home That is not our land, need to choose the side Of the future of humanity, the old has expired If you ever want peace then you better want justice Most of the continent is far from accustomed Sarkozy, Cameron and Africa’s son Better know that their war can never ever be won [Nana D chorus] You’d better get your hands off… AFRICA! You’d better get your hands off… AFRICA! [Akala verse] The mother continent where we all originate Eugenics ain’t dead so it’s cool to eliminate humanity’s darker shade Genocidal AIDS, ancient civilisations Not a continent of slaves In every step of the way the elites have helped pave the way For all the madness that we’re seeing today But that in no way excuses the centuries of rape But if we’re gonna solve it it’s an issue we have to face Because every brother ain’t a brother just because of their colour Look at the hand that killed Patrice and Thomas and others While millions murdered in the Congo it don’t make the news But if a footballer’s wife should buy a pair of shoes I’m supposed to give a fuck, apparently I do not! The world’s a reflection of your block And if you think a world that can profit from African death And be totally cool Thinks that you’re better cos you live here You’re a fucking fool [Nana D chorus] You’d better get your hands off… AFRICA! You’d better get your hands off… AFRICA!

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