REQUEST: Old Fashioned Fabric Loom

Hi! I just started using openclipart. I have an odd request. I need a clipart of an old fashion fabric loom to go with a lesson plan of mine. I figured I'd throw the request out there just in case someone is willing to help out. I attached a picture from google of what I'm talking about. It doesn't need to be a very detailed clipart, just something to show the students the basic concept. Thank you so much,Danielle
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rejon, 2014-06-18

Whoa, that's a crazy image. Can you post a link to the one you already have?

rejon, 2014-06-18

Something like this?

rejon, 2014-06-18

Oh, I fixed the problem with that image and the vectorization. The problem was that there is an original source gif with alpha channel. Uploading a remix to show at least cooler vectorized request. Maybe that will solve the issue?

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