John Lennon

Vectorized by email OCAL upload.
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j4p4n, 2014-06-25

John Lennon was an amazing human being, but being that he is dead I don't see how you had a source photo that was copyright free. These days Openclipart has a lot of copyright issues, no?

kuba, 2014-06-26

I'm not excatly sure but I think image of public person is free, photo will be copyrighted but this is not a copy.

j4p4n, 2014-06-27

So you drew this yourself? In that case, I agree it wouldn't be copyrighted :) but it might be better to draw images directly in a vector program instead of having the computer randomly guess how to vectorize it..

kuba, 2014-06-28

I prefer to create vector by hand (in Inkscape), but I was testing upload to ocal using email, it will vectorize your photos.

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