Intercity Rosso v.1.1

Intercity Ross Trains!
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rejon, 2014-07-21

Cool! Looking great! What is that black box in the rendering I wonder? Is that a bitmap background of some kind?

Magirly, 2014-07-21

The black box came from empty flowed text elements which I removed. See @zerocinquanta - if the svg looks wrong to you now, please let me know. Unrelated to the black box, I noticed a few text elements that use the two fonts 'Al Bayan' and 'Snell Roundhand'. These fonts are copyrighted. For Openclipart we can only use free fonts, so that they can be installed on the server and pngs will look right. Let me know if some characters in the clipart were meant to look different (the Bayan and Snell Roundhand elements are still in the svg).

zerocinquanta, 2014-07-22

Thanks for the comments. I'm experiencing some trouble in upload this svg. Checking my original file, there's no trace of empty text box. In the thumbnail, the "white reflections" on the coaches main windows are gone (they remains only on the door windows), but are ok in the downloaded file. The latter has oddly added "tab" spaces (in "Al Bayan" font) on all the text boxes and the the "CPT" logo on the side of every wagon ("Charter" font or similar), moving it under the three lines. Apart this, no problem with the font changes to default ones (even "Snell Roundhand" seems downloadable for free at

rejon, 2014-08-04

Ok, this looks fixed now. Moving forward, you can also convert fonts to outlines, and those work everytime. Cheers!

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