today's kanji-167-bureimono

by yamachem - uploaded on November 25, 2014, 7:36 pm

a compound kanji which is read as "bureimono" which means "a rude fellow"


"burei" is an adjective in Japanese meaning "rude" in English


"mono" means "fellow or person"

"mono" is a kun-reading


"mono" has another reading

which is an on-reading called "sha"


"ja" of "ninja" is a variation of this "sha"


It's very old way of saying


It's the word which "samurai or bushi" is likely to say


you must not use this word lightly.


but,It's OK if it must be received as a joke

like when a young girl says "bureimono !"

bureimono chinese chinese character fellow hanja hanzi kanji rude
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