Pythagorical (Copernican) Universe

Engraving of a Behmenist alchemical diagram from "The Philosophical Epitaph of W.C. Esq." (London, 1673)
Inspired by the illustrations to early editions of Jacob Boehme’s works, this alchemical diagram from The Philosophical Epitaph of W.C. Esq. represents a “Pythagorean” or rather Copernican universe, in which Man, located between the celestial and elemental spheres, revolves around a solar God. The rudiments of alchemy—sulphur, stones, plants, metals, salt—stand above the primeval chaos and the infernal fire in which Satan resides. They are elevated by mercury, which points directly towards the divine. This is evidently a spiritual as well as a natural quest.
(description from "Solomon Secret's Arts - The Occult in the Age of Enlightenment" by Paul Kleber Monod - Yale University Press)
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