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Hearts Symbol

by Merlin2525

2015-04-06 18:41:49

Suit of Hearts. Designed in Inkscape. Thanks go to rampa for sharing the original artwork found at https://openclipart.org/detail/104941/deco-stamp-3 License: Public Domain.

Tags: a, agua, aimer, al, amistad, amitie, amor, baraja, card, cards, carta, cartas, carte, cartes, church, clergy, clero, coeurs, Collected Game Assets, copa, copas, coppe, coppes, coracao, coracaos, coracoa, coracoes, corazon, corazones, cuori, cups, de, deck, eau, eglise, el, element, elemento, en, enseigne, escopeta, friendship, gamble, gambling, game, glerge, handies, happiness, harten, haut, hauts, heart, hearts, Hearts <3, herz, iglesia, jeu, jeus, jogar, jogo, jogos, jouant, jouer, joy, juego, juegos, jugando, Logger, love, naipe, of, palo, piros, playing, poker, red, representa, represente, represents, rojo, rosas, rosen, rot, rouge, simbolizado, simbolo, simbologia, simbolos, suit, suits, symbol, symbole, symboles, symbologie, symbology, symbols, taca, tacas, tarjeta, water

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