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Freebassel Creative Commons Summit 2011 Tile

by rejon

2015-09-21 07:38:02

A seamless tile of Bassel sitting and reading his phone at CC Summit 2011 in Poland. This is day 1285 of Bassel locked in jail without a trial. The original source is from me and Bassel's friend, Bilal Randeree: https://www.flickr.com/photos/meexplore/6165904904/in/photolist-aoPnyV-aoS4YY-aoZpr1-aoPjSR-anWWsf-aoRU6q-aoS2tL-anD5En-aAgbMd-aoS5Gd-aAgc9w-aoRSHf-aoRTxj-anZ5aD-anZ54H-anJZB7/ work

Tags: 1285, art, artwork, basselkhartabil, basselsafadi, filter tiltile, freebassel, freedom, pattern, seamless, syria, tile, upload2openclipart, vectorized,

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