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The Fujara double flute of Slovakia

by AdamStanislav

2016-05-01 23:38:33

A fujara, is a Slovak folk music instrument, a long overtone flute, usually handcarved by shepherds to pass time. The fujara tends to be taller than its player, so it is generally played standing up. See http://www.unesco.org/culture/intangible-heritage/37eur_uk.htm to read what Unesco has to say about this instrument. Or go to http://www.fujara.sk to read just about everything there is to read about it. Just whatever you do, don’t call it a didgeridoo! The two instruments may have a cursory resemblance, but are different, come from the opposite ends of the Earth, and neither has influenced the other.

Tags: Detva, Liptov, Slovak, Slovakia, Tatra, Tatry, bass, flute, folk, fujara, mountain, mountaineers, music, musical instrument, overtone, pipe, shepherd, ľudová hudba,

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