Delicious Yin-Yang Pudding

by AdamStanislav - uploaded on June 11, 2016, 8:54 pm

Since we are using colors for both, the light and the dark, we simply draw a circle in one color, using Bézier curves with kappa=4*(sqrt(2)-1)/3, counterclockwise. Then we draw the complementary design, clockwise, in another color of the same hue but darker. We then turn it into a delicious yin-yang chocolate-vanilla pudding. For that, we are using standard SVG filters, supported by most but, unfortunately, not all browsers.

All hand-coded SVG, by the way. That’s because math rules the Universe!

I used to pick both, the light and the dark, colors.

China Dao Daoism Tai-chi Taijiquan Tao Taoism Yang Yin Yn chocolate dark darkness desert hand-coded handcoded kappa light pudding remix+251621 remix+251756 taijitu vanilla 太极兩儀图 太极拳 太極圖 陰陽
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