3D power bank

Derived from my 3D model of a power bank, painted using Inkscape. "Power" is not to suggest the name of a brand, and if any such brand already exists, that is an unintended similarity as this is not intended to represent any specific model of any existing device, and characteristics are arbitrary (size, exact shape, button shape, port shape, etc). It is simply portraying a generic device which stores power.

As for the buttons and features, from left to right:
1 - Power on / power off button
2 - Small LCD display showing the battery usage in % when turned on, and/or perhaps showing current usage (in mAh) during drain
3 - Output port, you can attach any device here to have it powered
4 - Input port, used to charge the power-bank itself

This is a medium - larger sized power bank, so it can store a decent amount of power.

- Any remixes are more than welcome.
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