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non-copyright restrictions symbol

by Lazur URH

2016-07-31 14:02:27

Non-copyright restrictions. Like personality rights, insignia. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Non-copyright_restrictions If you see a public domain flag at wikimedia commons, most certainly you will see a notification as the following: "This image shows a flag, a coat of arms, a seal or some other official insignia. The use of such symbols is restricted in many countries. These restrictions are independent of the copyright status." Sticking anything to a country flag, deriving from a coat of arms and adding the fancy for decoration or any made up reason with no respect is not just offending the majority of the people -and considered douchebaggery- but most if not all cases it is against the law. This symbol may depict a reminder of those restrictions which fell apart from the praised copyright restrictions.

copyleft copyright law legal non-copyright public domain restriction symbol
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