Kids Club T-Shirt Design

Kids Club T-Shirt design basics.

The version I used had a few differences, including;
1. My church's name was curved across the top of the ellipse, starting above the rocket and finishing above the girl's right ear - the text was much smaller than the main text.
2. I had a bible added in at the bottom, as I'm into "truth in advertising".
3. In Inkscape, I did "union" and "difference" to make the non-white paths/elements transparent so I could put the white design on any colour background (shirt), which seems to work well with a variety of shirt colours. This version has the non-white elements as a solid colour so they can be moved or edited to suit your needs before doing the above.

Font is Gill Sans Ultra Bold (commercial, comes with MS Office) but is converted to paths here, which I believe is legal. A good free font alternative might be Allegraya.

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