Openclipart could be so useful for Africa

Dear team, dear illustrators and artists, Openclipart is fantastic and so generous, thank you all. Please consider that in Europe many NGOs or clubs or even individuals could afford artwork or stock photos - and still they come here. Now consider that in Africa less NGOs and clubs and individuals can afford artwork, so they could also come here. I love Openclipart, but in the last so many weeks, again and again I have not found suitable illustrations for an African audience. I find farmers - and I am not a racist. But if I want to reach an African audience, it is just so much more natural to show some African farmers in action... So my request is this: If you love editing vector-files, you could remix some "people" to make them African. Of course just changing skin colour does often not suffice. Look at hair and faces, possibly clothing. And if you create new clipart from scratch (awesome) and you can even do people; please consider - while you have got them in your editor - to just spend another half hour and make an African "version". I have just done a search for "doctor" and have downloaded the very first clipart that was listed. Then I have tried turning that very friendly looking doctor into an African and I uploaded the remix. Next I had some fun with skin colours and I made an extra white doctor and even a black doctor. I am using humour to illustrate my second request: Please tag your contributions. I do not like the word "Caucasian" but it is being established and I have not found a better word to summarize Europeans and north Americans. My skin is certainly not white - and most of my neighbours here are certainly not black, most of them I would call brown-skinned. Thank you all, this site is wonderful. The Martin
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