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Man in Suit who enjoys the coffee at Cotonou and Casablanca and who does not mind the coffee at Frankfurt nor New York

by The Martin

2016-11-20 16:53:12

This guy is friendly and well connected and he gets around. He is successful with his trading, because he takes his time to get to know his partners. His one weakness is that he is almost to friendly and does not make a fuss about himself. On many days, he would prefer a strong tea with mint and lots of sugar - but he would never say that when people just offer him coffee or water for choices.

Tags: Africa, African, air-miles-collector, briefcase, business, business class, business man, business person, cartoon, Comic characters, export, externalsource, face, first class, friendly, Geschäftsmann, happy, import, man, people, remix+395, Shiny Happy People, smile, suit, tie, trader, tutor pix, worldlabel

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