Yearly Calendar - Spanish

I am attempting a remix translating to Spanish, but since I don't speak Spanish, I relied on Google Translate and openclipart image

Please forgive my lack of knowledge of spanish and remix to fix or let me know of any errors or events that should be added/removed. Thank you.

Click on any month to view just the month (mes), click on the month title to view the entire year (año)

Defaults to the current year (año), but can be changed. Append a 4 digit year (año) to the url of the SVG image, i.e. calendar.svg?año=2000

For a month calendar, pass a number 1-12 as the month (mes) or 'ahora' for the current month (mes), i.e. calendar.svg?mes=2 or calendar.svg?mes=ahora

To start calendar with Lunes as first day of the week, pass fdow=lunes, i.e. calendar.svg?fdow=lunes

Any or all parameters can be passed, i.e. calendar.svg?mes=2&año=2000&fdow=lunes

To change the calendar defaults and not require passed parameters, set the Calendar Default variables in the javascript below
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