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golden spiral 2

by Lazur URH

2017-01-30 03:42:52

Golden spiral sketch.Eventually ended up with this image from the series:http://lazururh.deviantart.com/art/golden-spiral-3-659167553. This is a base step of that drawing. Although it might look fancy enough as is, for practical reasons it got way too complicated and probably worth a reconstructing from scratch for new "variants" and further improvements.Apart from that, the steps are alone worth sharing.This one is depicting a conical gradient over the spiral represented with gradient meshes. Too bad yet only inkscape 0.92 renders that right.

Tags: 2017, base, challenges, exponent, exponential, Fibonacci spiral, geometric art, geometry, golden ratio, golden spiral, Lazur, logarithm, logarithmic, math, mathematics, overlapping beauties, parametric, parametric curve, ratio, remix+228029, remix+228072, remix+271122, remix+271205, remix+271236, remix+271238, remix+271239, snail shell, spiral, URH

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