Generic Nano with μUSB

Generic Arduino Nano clone with μUSB.

Arduino is a project to create open source microcontroller boards for the students of electronics. Its name comes from the name of a bar where the original Arduino designers used to meet. The bar itself is named after a local poet (a historical figure).

They allow anyone to make clones of their designs, as long as they do not claim to be official Arduino boards.

This image is a generic version of one of the boards, the Nano v.3. Neither the Arduino name, nor the name of any company appears in the image. It is leaglly unencumbered.

I have based it on madnerd’s image, but have redone it completely. So, while this and the original may appear identical on the outside (except that this one does not contain any company name), internally they are quite different (except that I tried to make various objects appear in the same order as in madnerd’s version).
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