Singapore is a Fine City - Poster

by j4p4n - uploaded on July 20, 2023, 10:19 am

I've heard Singapore called the "happy North Korea" (which is too extreme! haha) because of the one party rule, difficult immigration policies and the large list of things that you can get a fine for doing etc, which I can understand. Still I like the country, interesting place, good food. Waaay back in 2019 user @oksmith recommended that we have a poster that said "Singapore is a fine city" and I admit until today the pun didn't connect in my head. I'm slow. Clever pun! So I made that poster that @oksmith recommended so many years ago. These are some of the famous things you can get a fine for doing. Most of them seem fairly reasonable but it must be annoying to be smothered in strict rules all the time if you live there, so I guess that's where Singapore gets it's reputation. This is the clipart where @oksmith recommended this Singapore rules design:

Singapore fine city rule manner rules manners poster English text ban prohibit remix+170261 remix+310388 remix+339767 remix+321634 remix+201522 remix+291869 remix+327508 remix+297877
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