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How do you illustrate the legal concept of genocide?

I've tried to give a modest answer with this illustration of a hunted, defenseless person, who is alone and thought he'd saved his skin on this corner of land emerging from the waters. And no, for totalitarian regimes this person is a danger... simply by being alive.

When a group (a government or others) deliberately targets and kills children, women and disabled people - in other words, defenseless civilians - this is genocide, according to my interpretation of international law.

And genocide is often prepared well in advance, because the future (and numerous) killers have to be made to believe that they are threatened... by children, innocent women and disabled people. To do this, we have to attach misleading labels to part of the population and change the meaning of words (e.g.: life = mortal danger).

In a true democracy, human life is sacred, and anyone who is accused always has the right to defend himself or herself. What's more, a true democracy protects and encourages complexity and diversity (of languages, religions, ideas, etc.) because they are a source of wealth for all.


But how do you prevent this kind of massacre... without killing anyone? As someone who encourages non-violence (advocated by Gandhi, Thoreau and Martin Luther King), I find myself a little lost and doubtful about "techniques" of non-violent combat.

In short, this is a very complex subject.

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