silouhette of hiker hiking up a mountain
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BarbDean, 2011-05-10

I'm trying to download this image to use on a card. My system does not recognize .svg and although I can download as a .png, when I try to copy it, I get an all black page. I'm a novice at this...any suggestions?

pauthonic, 2011-05-10

To BarbDean, if you want the svg file, download Inkscape program to open it.

chovynz, 2011-05-10

Hi BarbDean, <br><br> You can <strong>right-click</strong> on the png button, <b>"save link as"</b>, save it to your computer, then open it from your computer. If you copy directly from your browser you will get the black screen. <br><br> Let us know if this helps you! Cheers, Chovynz.

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