american eagle

Not trying to make you Americans feel too patriotic, but I saw this eagle on an over a 100 year old cigarette ad (ironically!) and thought I would preserve (and synthesize: I had to finish off the circle and remove the over printing, etc) this here for the future. I hope you guys enjoy it!
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BluBloks, 2010-10-24

This _is_ a piece of our past; thanks! The textures you gave it have a good feel, too.

j4p4n, 2012-09-04

BluBloks & Heather Rose; thanks for the kind words, its people who say nice things that keeps me motivated to synthesize the past for the future :)

ownahome, 2015-04-25

I pinned this to my poem "The Experiment" which is a complete history of the US in verse. It was the perfect picture for that. I never had a cover for it so put your picture up on my pinterest site. Hope that's okay as everyone who comes to my site will see it and I'm betting many will put it on their site. Beautiful picture. I also gave you credit for it. Thanks. Larry Porter

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